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Your team and your project at their best

Agile project management tool

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What is YouGile

Each task is an instant chat

Chat on the task

Ideas are easily visualized on the Agile board

Agile the board

As easy-to-use and engaging as social networking, but in your everyday work space

YouGile works on any device!

On All Platforms

YouGile Web
YouGile Desktop
Windows 32bit
Windows 64bit
Mac OS
YouGile Mobile
Google Play App Store

How to raise the efficiency of the team by 10% in the next hour?

The whole team download and install desktop applications. Running with the operating system pushes each participant to get acquainted with the actual tasks and see the overall picture of the project.

Guaranteed will lead to increased efficiency.

An indispensable function for large projects

Customization and personalization

With YouGile, modifications and revisions of the basic version are always possible. Want to see the statistics of ticketing closing on the board? Done! Need to automatically generate tasks when site traffic changes? No problem. All unfinished tasks copied to a separate board? You can customize it. Need a meeting-specific chat to collect team ideas? All set.

YouGile has an internal code editor and the system works in 300 available methods and objects, allowing you to write and upload your own scripts. Entry-level knowledge of JavaScript is all that's needed to create the custom features your ​​team needs.

Ideal for startups— free cloud version Try It Out
For business— secure boxed solution Learn More

Hassle-free set-up

Social graph

Nowadays many team members simply ignore the normal project management techniques.
YouGile is designed to draw everyone into the project activity.
It encourages group chatting as well as as personal messaging to keep the team talking about project ideas, issues and solutions. The visually engaging platform holds team members' interest and encourages interaction.
We carefully monitor the frequency of returns to the system of commands and work to continuously improve indicators of total involvement. In today's workplace, there is ongoing competition between the work task and Facebook, Instagram, Twitter…

With YouGile, the project itself becomes the focus.

See a 10-fold reduction in the time needed to explain and manage tasks

YouGile presents the big picture

If the whole team understands what is happening in the project every day, success is almost guaranteed. The best way to acheive understanding is through visibility, found in Agile boards. Here information is organized by columns, which are built up of individual tasks. Together these columns allow team members to visualize the project as a whole.
The YouGile board is the most convenient and accessible picture of what is happening in the team.
YouGile's organization also allows for the same information to be shared with different deparments. By adding a note to a task, it can be visible to different team members working on different boards.
The project is always at its most up-to-date in all departments.

Original functions

"Timer" sticker

A timer with a countdown can be attached to the task. Best visualization of the remaining time.

Mirror Columns

You can make an exact copy of any column in which there will be Repeat all actions taken in the parent. Indispensable for communication departments.

Pinning Messages

You can link to a separate message in the chat header.
Navigation in a large chat room will be easy at all times.

Deadlines with flexible reminders

Reminders for phone and mail with flexible settings. No important task will not be lost.

Dragging Stakes

Any column can be dragged to another board or project. It is necessary to rebuild projects and formulate tasks in whole blocks.

To-do sheets in problems

In any task, you can add any number of subtasks. The card visually shows the progress of closing subtasks.


The initial knowledge of JS will be enough to completely change a system for their own tasks. Amazing flexibility.

Task transfer between boards

You can simply take any task and drag it to another board. Used for quick transfer to another department.

"Stopwatch" sticker

You can put a stopwatch on the task, which will show how much has passed from the start of the works to the finish.

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